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Welcome to Advantage Quotes! We are pleased to be able to offer you access to a wide variety of different companies and plans that will suit your various corporate needs. As a professional, it is essential that you have coverage in place that will protect you in case something goes wrong. The reality is that accidents do happen, and when these accidents happen you and your company are at risk. This is particularly true if someone that has used your services feels that you have made a mistake with your services.




We are living in a very litigious society. People are suing each other for seemingly frivolous reasons – and many of them are winning. We are living in an age in which people spill hot coffee on themselves and awarded damages and when criminals are injured during robberies and successful sue their victims. Therefore, even if you think you have done everything right, you never know when someone else might thing otherwise.


You may also understand how important it is for you to live up to your contracted agreements. If you tell your client that you will complete a certain project by a certain time or that you will complete the project to a certain standard, you can be sued for failing to live up to your end of the bargain. This is particularly true if your failure to live up to your agreement results in the other person or losing money. Of course, even if you feel that you did everything as agreed, the other person might not feel the same way. Therefore, it is essential that your company be protected with insurance coverage.


By having professional liability or malpractice insurance in place, you can rest easy knowing that the damages awarded through a court order will be paid for by the company. Depending upon the type of coverage you receive, you might also be able to receive coverage for the cost of defending you against your case.


In addition to this professional policy , which is often referred to as errors and omissions or E & O , we offer other types as well. For example, if you are looking for insurance for your top level management, we can put you in touch with the companies that will provide the best type of coverage possible. In fact, with the policies provided by the companies we work with, you can provide your executives with the coverage they deserve while still serving your company’s best interest.


When you use the online resource we have put together at Advantage Quotes, you will be able to easily comb through the many different policies that are available to you and to your company. Remember the old days when the only way you could compare policies was to call several different companies and obtain their quotes? As a busy person, you simply don’t have the time to contact dozens of different companies, to explain the type of coverage you need, or to fill out all of their forms.


When you let Advantage Rates help you select a provider, you only have to fill out one simple form. In addition, you don’t have to contact the various companies individually. Rather, we will take care of the footwork for you. After you have provided us with the information we need, we will match you up with the companies that can meet your needs.


The companies we pair you up with will then contact you, whether by email, phone, snail mail, or fax, so you can compare their quotes and select the one that is best for you – it really is that easy!